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AB DairySep Membrane

Revolutionary Performance for Dairy

The AB DairySep UF Dairy Series Membrane achieves superior protein rejection and permeability when compared to standard industry membranes.

The AB DairySep performance is a result of a combination of advanced chemistry formulations and novel membrane fabrication techniques.

AB UF PE and PES membranes features include:

  • Extremely high water flux
  • Narrow MWCO
  • High protein rejection
  • High passage of non-protein solids

The resulting benefits are:

  • Reduced number of elements and vessels
  • Substantially lower energy profile
  • Accurate protein fractionation yields higher quality retentate
  • Reduced need for retentate post treatment

Higher passage of non-protein solids leads to purer protein concentrate:

AB DairySep
Product Spec Sheet

Field testing demonstrate continuous superior performance versus conventional 5 kDa membranes:

Comparable Protein Rejection even with increasing retentate concentration:

For Existing UF Systems

The AB DairySep Series UF is available in a broad range standard spiral element configurations. This enables ease of specifying, storage, use and cleaning in an existing UF system.

The higher permeability nature of the DairySep membranes allows:

Use Same Number of Elements

  • Increase skid throughput
  • Reduce driving pressure, saving energy costs
  • Shorter run times

Use Fewer Elements

  • Lower cleaning chemical expense
  • Fewer elements to replace

The AB Dairy Series elements offer dramatic benefits for new UF systems:

  • Design with fewer elements and vessels
  • Lower capital cost of the skid
  • Higher system capacity for the same skid floor space
  • Reduced driving pressure and energy requirements

Ease of Use

The AB Dairy Series is available in a broad range of standard spiral element configurations. This enables ease of specifying, storage, use and cleaning.

The AB DairySep UF membrane is available is a variety of standard spiral configurations. Contact us for a quotation or to experience the AB Trial Program.

Download the AB DairySep Element Spec Sheet

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