High Performance Membranes by Design, and by Nature

Our core technology is based on new chemistry and manufacturing methods to achieve highly permeable membrane material with narrow molecular size exclusion cut-off. By adding an active protein layer, the membranes will separate constituents at the ion level.

Polymeric Membranes

High Performance Through New Chemistry and Proprietary Casting Techniques

Experience the Difference:

High Surface Utilization
Homogeneous Depth
Extremely Permeable

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Biomimetic Membranes

Our core biomimetic technology is based on a combination of:

  • Biologically derived membrane proteins (e.g. aquaporin) and bioinspired synthetic polymers
  • Highly permeable polymeric substrates characterized by narrow pore-size distribution
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Standard Products

Our spiral elements and flat sheet membranes are engineered to separate high value molecules at dramatically higher efficiencies than current technology.


Revolutionary Performance for Dairy
Future Element Design

Future ElementDesign

Pushes the limits of typical status-quo spiral elements


"Applied Biomimetic Showcases DairySepTM UF Element Product line at the Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference, Madison, WI on 12-13 April, 2017."

10 April 2017

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