Applied Biomimetic focusses on the convergence of polymeric and protein science to design high performance membranes for high value fluids. We are a leader in primary research in membrane proteins, and an innovator in polymeric casting chemistry and production methods.

Recent News

18 September 2017

Applied Biomimetic’s DairySepTM elements for advanced protein rejection receive intense interest from both dairy industry end users and OEMs at the International Whey Conference in Chicago.

13 June 2017

Applied Biomimetic presents at the Membrane Technology Forum, Minneapolis, MN
'New High Performance Ultrafiltration Membranes for Dairy Applications'

14 May 2017

Applied Biomimetic presents at TechConnect World Innovation Conference, Washington DC
'High Selectivity, Low Energy Ultra Filtration Spirals'

10 April 2017

Applied Biomimetic Showcases DairySepTM UF Element Product line at the  Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference, Madison, WI on 12-13 April, 2017.

22 March 2017

AB DairySepTM UF Membrane Beats Industry Incumbent Membrane at a Second European Pilot Demonstration

02 February 2017

Applied Biomimetic Announces the Launch of its DairySepTM Brand of Elements for the Dairy Industry, and Sets the New Standard for UF Membrane Performance

16 November 2016

Applied Biomimetic UF Membranes Out-Perform Industry Standard UF Membranes in Head-to-Head Tests at Large Dairy Plant in Europe

07 June 2016

Applied Biomimetic A/S, a pioneer in the development of protein-based biomimetic membranes and other filtration platforms, announces the debut of its high performance ultrafiltration (UF) membrane platform, with its launch at the 2016 Membrane Technology Forum in Minneapolis, MN.

Applied Biomimetic developed its UF technology as part of a quest to create a high performance substrate for protein functionality.

Vice President William Harvey remarked: "Along the way of advancing our biomimetic protein science, we found it necessary to avoid pitfalls of conventional substrate membranes which do not adequately integrate with proteins and perform at the level we needed. What we developed is a platform of highly permeable and very low energy membranes based on both a new chemical foundation and new manufacturing methods. And we decided the time is right, and the market need is real for UF membranes with this performance profile."

The membrane field trials began earlier this year with end users and OEMs, and exhibited high performance results under real world feed conditions. The membranes are available in both plate and frame and spiral element configurations.

CEO Steen Sondergaard Nissen, added: "Our UF technology will serve as a launch point for a broad spectrum of membranes, both with and without biomimetic proteins. After so many years in the making, and through the hard work executed by our team of scientists to challenge conventional wisdom, we are excited to move from a research phase to the commercialization phase of our company."

05 June 2016

Applied Biomimetic Presents at 90th ACS Colloid & Surface Science Symposium at Harvard University:
'Control of Amphiphilic Block Copolymer Self-assembly by Polymer End Groups'

23 May 2016

Applied Biomimetic Presents 'Mangrove Membranes' at NAMS Conference in Seattle, Washington

16 March 2016

Applied Biomimetic Announces the Appointment of William Harvey as Vice President

Applied Biomimetic A/S, a pioneer in the development of biomimetic protein membrane technology, announces the appointment of William Harvey as Vice President to lead its product strategy, business development activities, and commercial function.

Mr. Harvey is a veteran of the water and high-value fluid processing industries with over 25 years of global experience. Previously, Mr. Harvey has been with Modern Water plc, GE Water, and Ionics, Incorporated, where he led global product development and commercial teams.

William Harvey, commenting on the appointment: "I am excited be part of the Applied Biomimetic team and to help drive the introduction of such high performance and cutting-edge technology."

CEO Steen Sondergaard Nissen, added: "We are delighted to have Bill join us as part of the core management team here at Applied Biomimetic. He brings a unique skill set and track record across many customer verticals, and we look forward to benefiting from his experience and leadership as we begin launch and develop our product portfolio."

Mr. Harvey will be based in Boston.

04 March 2016

Applied Biomimetic’s Mariusz Grzelakowski Presents at Smart Materials Conference in Singapore

CTO Mariusz Grzelakowski participated at the Smart Materials 2nd Annual World Congress in Singapore and presented “Polymer Vesicles Coatings -- Bio Inspired Active Surfaces”

23 February 2016

Applied Biomimetic Paper Published in NanoScale of The Royal Society of Chemistry

CTO Mariusz Grzelakowski coauthored “Terminal Groups Control Self-assembly of Amphiphilic Block Copolymers in Solution” which was published by The Royal Society of Chemistry in the publication Nanoscale.

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